We have piloted a new school-based mentoring project which is based on a successful model used by other similar organisations around the country. We are now looking to run the project in more schools in York.

A group of 10 adult volunteer mentors works with a group of 10 particularly disadvantaged year 5 or 6 pupils for 20 weeks during term time. Each pupil is matched with a mentor for the duration of the scheme and sessions comprise an hour of group activities where the mentor can support the pupil to participate, push themselves, act fairly and follow instructions. After a break, the pairs then enjoy an hour of 1:1 time where the mentor can give the pupil individual support through worksheets, board games, crafts or simply conversation. The scheme is coordinated by a Project Leader who liaises with the school, supports the volunteers and leads the sessions, which could take place during or after the school day.

After the pilot scheme with a group of year 6 boys at a York primary school, the results showed there to be the emergence of very positive relationships and enthusiastic participation by the young people and mentors alike. The combination of group and 1:1 activities enables the mentors to model positive characteristics including sportsmanship, fairness, good judgement and respect and talk through these with the young people individually when the activity has finished. The sessions are energetic and fun but also provide opportunities for quiet discussion of any worries or challenges the young people may be facing.
School Based Mentoring runs during school term time, on a weekly basis and is supervised by the Project leader. As a mentor, you will be involved in the group work, and also be matched with one of the young people to work with during the 1:1 time every week. The scheme provides a great opportunity to mentor in a different setting and also be part of group work.

If you would like to apply, please fill in the volunteer application form and return it to The Island office via email or post.