What is a ‘Friend’ of The Island?

A friends group is a group of people who have an interest in a particular charity, organisation or other cause and who volunteer their time, skills and/or resources to support it.
‘Friends’ are individuals who would like to support The Island’s work, but cannot commit to mentoring a young person each week.
We will keep ‘friends’ updated about developments at The Island and organise a number of social gatherings during the year to acknowledge your efforts and participation.

What do ‘Friends’ do?

  • Organise fund-raising events
  • Help with fund- and awareness-raising activities
  • Undertake sponsored challenges
  • Display posters and leaflets in their local area or workplace
  • Make a regular donation
  • Sponsor a mentoring relationship; or
  • Offer practical support such as their skills, services or expertise

How will my support help?

  • By raising awareness of our work with vulnerable children and young people in York
  • By raising awareness of volunteering opportunities at The Island
  • By raising funds for our mentoring service
  • By increasing The Island’s capacity as a charity so that we can support even more disadvantaged children and young people

If you would like to be a Friend of The Island, please fill in the application form below and return to the office.