Our amazing volunteers are vital to the work we perform here at The Island. We are always looking for new volunteers interested in becoming a One to One Mentor, working as part of our School-Based Mentoring Scheme, assisting with our North and South Island Youth Groups and Boys and Girls Groups as well as those looking to become an Island Fundraiser. If you would like to volunteer with us, then ring us on 01904 628449, email enquiries@theislandyork.org or click here to download an application form.

Take a look at some of our Mentor testimonials below

‘I want to do whatever I can to improve a lot of children experiencing difficulties. I (together with my wife) have raised three sons to adulthood. Since retiring in 1996 I have worked as a volunteer at another charity with adults with learning difficulties. In the past, I have played a lot of sport: football, cricket, badminton, table tennis. I like listening to people and getting to know what makes them tick. I can also juggle a bit! Oh and I like making cakes and cooking.’

‘As a student studying English Literature, Mentoring has increased my experience within childcare, so that I can pursue my ambition to become a secondary teacher. Mentoring gives me a lot of enjoyment and I feel this role is well suited to the skills I have already but can also serve to improve these skills and build friendships and trust in the process.’

‘Growing up in a turbulent family and dropping out of school myself at 15, I feel I can relate to the situations that many of the young people referred to The Island are facing. Having turned my situation around into something much more positive, I love helping others do the same. My mentoring role allows me to contribute constructively to the lives of young people by using my own experiences and building on all I have learnt.’

‘I feel that I am a very supporting and caring person who is good at, and enjoys helping people; whether it be by listening to them talk, or by not talking at all but having some fun instead. I have always wanted to be an active person in the community and feel now I am settled I am able to commit to volunteering with children on a more long-term basis. I have the ability to get on with people very quickly which helps get the best out of them and I genuinely just like and care about people. To be able to make a difference in a child’s life is such a rewarding feeling. Before starting at The Island, I had no previous experience in childcare, however, the training and guidance that the charity provided me with has been incredible. I cannot thank them enough for providing me with such a valuable opportunity.’