A legacy gift

Sometimes people ask if they can leave a legacy for a specific type of organisation. A legacy can be left for the general work or for a specific aspect of the work of our charity, The Island.

Our charity is concerned with mentoring vulnerable children and young people aged 8-13, and to disabled young people aged 14-19 in York. We link the children and young people with fully-trained volunteer mentors, who, by means of weekly activity sessions, offer them consistent, one-to-one support.

Many of the children and young people referred to The Island have limited recreational opportunities, so the value of spending quality time with an affirmative adult role model cannot be underestimated. Equally, confidence and self-esteem is built by having regular, reliable support and space and time to talk about feelings, difficulties and concerns.

Mentoring occurs outside of school and the family home. Because mentoring sessions centre on positive recreational activities in the local community, mentors also familiarise children and young people with affordable provision available to them locally, which they can then access independently once the mentoring relationship has come to an end.

A legacy can ensure that any gift you leave us will be used to help vulnerable children and young people in York as quickly as possible. Moreover, we can carry on this work into the future.

Guidance on making a bequest to The Island through a Will or Codicil

If you are making a Will for the first time, we recommend that you seek the guidance of a solicitor – it is the best way of ensuring that your wishes will be followed.

If you have already made a Will you can add or change its provisions at any time either by writing a new Will or making a simple addition called a Codicil.

If you would like to leave part of your estate to The Island you may find it helpful to complete Section A or Section B and take it along to your solicitor.

There are various ways in which you can leave money to the charity, for example, you can leave a specific sum of money, this is called a pecuniary bequest.

Alternatively, you may wish to give The Island a residuary gift, that is a share of what remains in your estate after the debts, legacies and administration expenses have been paid.

There are other ways of leaving a legacy which can be more complicated and can involve the creation of a trust, you are strongly advised to take advice from a solicitor in such cases.

We are, of course, very grateful for every legacy pledge we receive and if you would like to leave a legacy to The Island. please complete Section A or Section B, please ensure witnesses are present at the time of signing and that both witnesses must be independent and not a named beneficiary in your Will/Codicil.

A gift to The Island will truly make a lasting difference in the in the life of a young person.

Download our Legacy Pledge Form