‘It’s good for him to have someone to talk to.’

‘My child gets access to things they would not normally be able to, which is great for their development.’

‘The match between mentor and mentee has been perfect. We have received the support we need from The Island, night or day.’

‘The service is good and I would use again if I had more children.’

‘My child has been more confident since the mentoring and is much happier in herself. I am very happy to have seen this change.’

‘Best thing is the youth groups where they can mix with other children and not just mentors. The support has been amazing.’

‘Get the support needed, can message when we need to and will get a response.’

‘Made a lot of difference having a mentor, he feels he is able to talk to someone and now talks to me a lot more.’

‘Put him through swimming lessons which I wouldn’t be able to do without the island. It still means I can be involved as I can now take him public swimming sometimes.’

‘Yes, the service gave us more than we thought it would. The Island does everything they can do and we are very grateful.’

‘I am really happy with the mentor my child sees, she ‘buzzes’ about seeing mentor and is happy all day.’

‘Seen a difference in lots of ways, my child is more confident and it’s nice for her to see someone else outside of the family to talk to. Mentor is good and helps to mediate disputes between us.’

‘My child really enjoys having a mentor. He didn’t have anyone to do the activities with before and he now goes swimming with his mentor.’

‘My child smiles more and I enjoy having the time to myself.’

‘Self-esteem and confidence have grown but she can still be a little shy.’


‘‘I like being able to do things like dancing, boxing, spending time and having fun.’

‘I’m really happy with my mentor. When I see her it makes me feel happy all day.’

‘Get to do things I wouldn’t usually have the chance to do.’

‘I like seeing my mentor once a week to go out and have lots of fun. I know I can talk to my mentor if I want to.’

‘I enjoy doing crafts, games, going to the cinema and going to the park.’

‘I really like doing group things and seeing the other children, like when we went to the Christmas party.’

‘I like that my mentor is kind to me. I enjoy going out and doing activities with her like horse riding and rock climbing.’

‘I have the best mentor in the world!’


‘‘My mentee has matured. It is nice to have a relationship with a young person now that my two daughters have grown up and good to have a different experience in working with a boy and with someone from a different background.’

‘Mentoring is so rewarding, I have been given regular feedback and opportunities to develop. I feel very valued by the Island. The experience has developed me as a person and has exposed me to challenges I thought I would not be able to deal with previously.’

‘Staff at The Island are very approachable and I feel I am really helping to make a difference. I have seen a big improvement in my mentee’s confidence; she has been exposed to new experiences and knows more what she does and doesn’t like.’

‘I have loved the opportunity to be a mentor and I am really enjoying the experience. I am seeing a real difference in my mentee. I have only been working with him for 6 months, but he now has a better understanding of what he can get from the mentor relationship. He does sometimes cross boundaries but is now more comfortable with them.’

‘I enjoy being able to help someone out during the challenging school years and give them someone to talk to, especially if they have a difficult home life. I think he has become comfortable talking about more with me, and listens a little more when I speak instead of talking over me.’

‘Support from The Island is very thorough. During the matching process my supervisor was always there to reassure me of any worries and at the end of a session has always been there to listen to me. Staff have also supported me though challenging situations occurring between sessions outside mentoring time.’

‘There have been incredible changes in my mentee, at the start of the sessions she was angry and had lots of violent outbursts towards younger children, adults and peers. Over time we have developed a strong relationship where she can express herself as she has my unconditional attention. She really values our time together and is starting to behave in a calmer manner.’