Do you enjoy working with children and young people? Are you able to give time to support some group activities? Maybe you could help with some crafts, or kick a ball about, or assist in the kitchen? North Island and South offer a great way to volunteer with The Island, in a group setting on a fortnightly basis for a few hours.

What happens at North Island and South Island and why?

North Island and South Island are 2 Youth Groups that run in the North and South of the city. The groups provide a safe, enjoyable and supportive environment for children and young people from various backgrounds to engage in numerous activities. The sessions are provided as additional support to those awaiting allocation of a mentor, and to those young people who have finished with their mentor but could still do with some extra support. The sessions are supported by 3 members of The Island staff team and volunteers. To make it more accessible for the young people to attend, the groups do provide transport for those who can’t get there themselves.

The provisions are held on a fortnightly basis and provide a different kind of support for young people. Although not as intense as the one to one mentoring, it allows each young person an additional form of support at a much earlier stage following the assessment process. The provision is still optional for the young person and doesn’t suit all.

An activity plan is established by the staff teams on a 6-8 week basis and is mirrored in both areas. It offers a range of activities; from arts and crafts, cooking, sports and leisure as well as relationship building and developing their own personal skills.

If you would like to get involved then please fill in a volunteer application form or get in touch with the team, and we would be happy to provide further information!

See our videos of mentoring and the groups we provide; North Island and South Island.